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As part of our strategy of ongoing stakeholder engagement throughout the development of NMLS 2.0, we would like to gather some additional feedback regarding your organization's interaction with NMLS. The survey below will allow us to get a more detailed look at all of the roles in your organization that use the system, as well as what their goals and key activities are. We will use this feedback to create detailed user personas for each role similar to the examples provided below. We greatly value your feedback and appreciate your time and effort in helping to build a better, more user-friendly NMLS 2.0 that will help make your organization more efficient.


In the following pages, please provide a list of the different roles you have in your organization that use NMLS, as well as a brief summary of their activities, and a quote that pertains to their interaction with the system/process. 

Clicking on the icons below will display examples of the user personas that have been created to date.


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Summary of Activities for this Role

Example: I am an employee at a Surety Company that is collaterally bound for the payment of money or the performance of an act or duty by the Principal (or Obligor). I work as an account administrator that is responsible for the creation and maintenance of surety bonds for NMLS licenses by our company or associated surety producers. Additionally, I manage a team of Organization Users that perform a variety of tasks on my behalf.

Quote that pertains to this Role's interaction with the system/process


Example:" I oversee the creation and execution of surety bonds that are a requirement for state companies to obtain licensure."

On scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, please rate each category for the role selected above.
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